President’s Message

(Mohd. Arif  Siddiqui)




       We Saw a Dream and it is fulfilled. Today the soul

of a school Is not only to pursue academic excellence but

also to develop the 21st  century skill among the student so

that they excel in life.



         “Education is not preparation for life, education is

life itself”. We believe in it and academic excellence is our

mission first. I am confident that our schools will set an example in education field as well as the others aspects of life.


          I am extremely proud of our achievements and thank to the founder Mr. Mohd. Yameen Siddiqui, without him the dream of schools could not be possible. Every member of committee, principal and other supporting staff are also responsible for this. I hope our schools will always shine like a sun and every year we will improve in our skills and goals of education. (Ameen)


         Thank You.